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when music and memes collide.

"take every letter of your username, and then pick a song title that shares the same letter -- but the song must have meaning! gather the list of songs, and post it to your lj."

w: WAKE ME UP - neuroticfish -> here.
i: I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE - wolfsheim -> here.
s: SOMETIMES IT HURTS - stabbing westward -> here.
h: HEARTPLACE - ayumi hamasaki -> here.
f: FUNNY DREAMERS - angela aki -> here.
u: USE YOUR FIST AND NOT YOUR MOUTH - marilyn manson -> here.
l: LAST SMILE - love psychedelico -> here.

f: FEARLESS - vnv nation -> here.
l: LOVE AND HATRED - the cruxshadows -> here.
a: ARMY OF ME - bjork -> here.
r: RAIN (NOT the album version!) - angela aki -> here.
e: EXCALIBUR - psycho le cemu -> here.

x-posted to my journal. i'm well aware, and sorry if i clogged your friendslists.
Tags: kayla's music, memes, misc
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