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man, eljay moved things broke itself, and now i can't find where to make a title for the journal. I AM MADE SAD. but here, here is music. crazy japanese music. crazy japanese music FOR THE PEOPLE.

kimura kaela - you [6.3 mb, .mp3]
album: circle
kimura kaela is on MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CRACK. her videos scare even me. i'm really not sure what i think of her; i find myself kind of unopinionated on the whole. i did, however, find myself immediately hooked on this particular song of hers. you is super-cute, catchy, rock. in addition, it has some of the greatest choreography ever.

olivia - dress me up (english version) [11.2 mb. ha ha. oh, and it's .mp3]
album: dress me up [single]
oh man, this is my most favoritest non-tsukiko amano song ever right now. this one's another cute, catchy, super-positive song, and yes, it's in english! olivia, despite what her kooky song titles may lead you to believe, is actually a native english speaker, so manages to sound decent. anyway, dress me up is a fabulous contrast to all the EMOEMOEMOI-SUCK-LIFE-SUCKS-EVERYTHING-SUCKS-TIME-TO-CUT-MYSELF-MAYBE-I'LL-HIT-AN-ARTERY-AND-DIE that's everywhere nowadays, or the HISS SPIT HATE HATE DEATH HATE DEATH/WAHH WAHH HEARTBREAK/IF YOU WERE TO DIE I'D GROUND YOUR BONES INTO PAINT AND PAINT YOUR PICTURE that i've been listening to lately. also, olivia has a pretty awesome voice, but that could just be the fact that i'm easily impressed by good high notes. too bad her videos are so boring.

bump of chicken - hybrid rainbow [5.9 mb, .mp3]
album: synchronized rockers
yes, it's a pillows cover! BWAH HA HA. man, i love what bump of chicken did with this song. i love it in so, so many ways. hybrid rainbow translated fantastically to their style. my phone is ringing and it's my boss probably calling to bitch at me on my day off, but that's not important. what's important here is bump of chicken, and how incredible and amazing their cover of hybrid rainbow is. it's very incredible, and very amazing. man i love bump of chicken so much. i'll have to upload more of them later.

tokyo jihen - sounan [4.7 mb, .mp3]
album: kyouiku
even with all my massive love for shiina ringo, i gotta' say i really wasn't all that keen on tokyo jihen's first album. while it was amazingly pretentious and artsy when shiina made noise, when tokyo jihen made noise it just felt like noise. go figure; tokyo jihen is shiina ringo and her backup band, with nothing but a name change.
that said, i really, really like sounan. it's got a coherent melody (it even manages to be catchy!), which is more than can be said for most of the rest of the album, and something about using a plane crash/shipwreck as a metaphor for a relationship just warms the ticking lump of coal i keep inside of my chest and call a heart. also the foghorn-esque bass cracks me up.

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tsukiko amano - fukurou [4.4 mb, .m4a]
album: fukurou [single]
you knew it was coming. how could i not include my fandom in my first post? in fact i'll probably include her on every post i make here. anyway, tsukiko amano just released five singles in one day to celebrate her fifth anniversary, and of course i love them all immensely. i had a tough time deciding which one i'd put up first (they'll probably all go up eventually), but i ended up going with this one for two reasons: first, out of the five singles, i like this cover best, and second, so that i could share with everyone that when i listen to it i get this bizzarre mental image of many super-deformed chun-lis dancing around. man my brain is special.

please do comment if you grab anything, i'd like to know where my music is going. additionally, it will encourage me to update often if i get lots of comments, because i'm a whore like that. plus it'd help me gague interest on different kinds of music, so i know what to and what not to put up in the future ♥
NOW I'M GOING TO GO DO THINGS like make moozikal icons for this community.
Tags: bump of chicken, kimura kaela, olivia, sarah's music, the pillows, tokyo jihen, tsukiko amano
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