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scandy is andy lapuega, and this cd's been holding it's own on metropolis' order site in the top ten list for a decent amount of time, now. actually, it juuuust got knocked down to number one. a fair warning though if you have a subwoofer -- mind your bass levels! i had mine a weee bit too high and because of all the clubbish beats, it was spazzing. XD; then again, what else would you expect from a man who wrote a song called "woofer excursion test", hmm?
scandy - 13 ways to masturbate

crush on a robot (5:39) -> here.
down (5:36) -> here.
i saw god on tv (6:03) -> here.
iron pitbull (4:51) -> here.
just human (5:19) -> here.
me so horny (5:36) -> here.
one naked nation (5:07) -> here.
puppy love (4:13) -> here.
soul free (5:45) -> here.
touch it (5:32) -> here.
we are celebrating (5:01) -> here.
woofer excursion test (5:16) -> here.
you n' me (5:00) -> here.

please, do comment if you take something! this was a bit of a bish to find in full.
recommendations: iron pitbull, just human, soul free, touch it, we are celebrating.
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