RAINBOW NINJA! (wishful_flare) wrote in rivetbitchology,

in lieu of them releasing a new cd in september (after a bloody five year hiatus), i'm posting this because a) i adore technoir, b) they have a wonderful female vocalist, and c) to possibly get more people to support them in the future. at any rate, here's your files:

technoir - groundlevel

aeons -> here.
all too much -> here.
blaze -> here.
fragile -> here.
groundlevel -> here.
growing -> here.
if -> here.
last tears -> here.
last words -> here.
nightmare -> here.
prelude -> here.
requiem -> here.
sanctuary -> here.

enjoy. my recommendations? blaze, if, nightmare, requiem, and sanctuary.

please note i swapped file servers because rapidshare is now gay about how much you can download in an hour.
Tags: albums, electro, groundlevel, technoir
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