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i was planning to do an update with the theme of tainted love this week, but i ended up not being able to find my fifth song T_T; BUT! since kayla posted angela aki's album, which, by all rights, is a superb piece, i decided to be a one-upping bastard and post the album that beat it on the oricon charts.

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all tracks ripped with itunes as 128kbps .m4as
01 this is love [4.65 mb]
02 keep tryin' [4.58 mb]
03 blue [4.93 mb]
04 nichiyoubi no asa [sunday morning] [4.43 mb]
05 making love [4.14 mb]
06 dareka no negai ga kanau koro [when someone's wish comes true] [4.17 mb]
07 colors [3.74 mb]
08 one night magic feat. yamada masa [4.34 mb]
09 kairo [3.35 mb]
10 wings [4.58 mb]
11 be my last [4.22 mb]
12 eclipse (interlude) [1.5 mb]
13 passion [4.43 mb]

so here we have utada hikaru's ultra blue. i must admit to being pleasently surprised at the caliber of this album. it's good. it's really good. i don't even like utada hikaru, but wow, i like this album. did it deserve to beat home? i can't say it did, in my opinion. nonetheless, this is a pretty enjoyable piece.

recommended tracks: BLUE. BLUE BLUE BLUE BLUE MOTHERFUCKING GET BLUE. if nothing else, download blue. also enjoyable are this is love, keep tryin', colors, be my last, and passion. also one night magic, just because it's the damn fanta song.
Tags: full albums, sarah's music, utada hikaru
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