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angela aki - home
alright, this was released a few days ago, and i loooove this woman and want to share. this cd premiered at number two on the charts (fucking hikaru utada took the first spot), and this is her debut cd. tracks i recommend: home, this love, kiseki, rain, music, uchuu, and hallelujah. which is almost the whole damn album. >_>; translations of titles are in italics.

and now to the songs!

01. kiss me goodbye - here.
02. love is over now - here.
03. kokoro no senshi (the warrior within) - here.
04. music - here.
05. this love - here.
06. onegai (wish) - here.
07. uchuu (universe) - here.
08. rain (re-arranged) - here.
09. kiseki (miracle) - here.
10. oogesa ni 'aishteru' (overstatement in an 'i love you') - here.
11. hallelujah - here.
12. home - here.
13. your love song - here.

please comment if you take. :D
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