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oh look at me i am so womanly.

AUGH, i am in a random GIRLY-MOOD for no reason. i don't know why i feel so girly, but i just kind of want to curl up in someone's lap and girl at them. i bet that if you came here and poked me with a stick right now, i'd wibble and then turn into a pile of girl-goo. so here are some random songs on my playlist that i am loving the hell out of right now, in all my girly. i will have to make up for this in my next post by filling it with ANGRY EUROPEN MEN with electric guitars.

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CAROLINE pink & black [4.4 mb, .mp3]
album: murmurs
here we go/i'm gonna make/all this happen/in little steps/in little steps, i'll make it closer to you
a lot of people compare caroline to bjork. but if caroline's bjork, she's more like some kind of diet bjork. i can kind of see paralells in their lyrical style sometimes, but that's about as far as it goes. caroline is a lot more stripped down than bjork (she's not trying to make you feel like you just stuck your tongue in an electrial socket), and her vocal style is completely different, as well as pretty much everything else about her music.
really, i don't think caroline can accurately be compared to anyone else, but if you pressed me, i'd probably be more inclined to tell you to think air with a female vocalist. sort of. without comparisons, i'm likely to tell you caroline is the aural equivalent to heroin. very, very sedated. except caroline is also very, very pretty.

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THE DECEMBERISTS the engine driver [4.0 mb, .mp3]
album: picaresque
and i am a writer/writer of fictions/i am the heart that you call home/and i've written pages upon pages/trying to rid you from my bones
i was very, very (pleasently) surprised to find that the decemberists' picaresque was the thirteenth highest-selling album released last year. rock on!
the decemberists are most often described as, get this, "literary pop." what exactly is literary pop? WHO THE HELL KNOWS. because no, they don't have references to penning novels in every song. a lot of people say things like "THE DECEMBERISTS USE BIG WORDS, HAVE A DICTIONARY NEARBY." it's not necessary if you have any real grasp on the english language =/
anything else i can say would be HORRIBLY BIASED. man i love the decemberists so much.

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EISLEY telescope eyes [5.3 mb, .mp3]
album: room noises
please don't make me cry/please don't make me cry/i'm just like you, i know you know/i'm just like you, so leave me alone
i like eisley, but i don't have much to say about them. the band consists of siblings, a cousin, and a best friend, or something like that. their lyrics are really so much fluff, but the music is solid. and i like the sisters' voices.

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THE LONG WINTERS stupid [5.6 mb, .mp3]
album: when i pretend to fall
but you have no idea/how stupid i would feel/if fifteen years from now i see her/and she says/"why didn't it happen between us/stupid?"
i really have no idea why the long winters aren't more popular. with acts like death cab for cutie and the decemberists gaining momentum, i expect a group that sounds as catchy and radio-friendly as the long winters do and with lyrics so rad would be a lot better off than they are. but for some reason, they seem to find themselves just below the general public's collective radar.
anyway, i am absolutely enamoured with this song at the moment. i've been listening to it constantly for the last couple of days.

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THE SERVANT liquefy [3.5 mb, .mp3]
album: the servant
shall we liquefy?/oh, you and i/and mingle in the stream/shall we liquefy?/oh, you and i/and vanish into the sea
if you've heard of the servant, odds are it was because of the instrumental to cells, better known as that song from the sin city trailer. or transporter 2 (apparently).
they usually sound a bit softer than that, and this has got to be my favorite song of theirs (followed closely by i can walk in your mind and orchestra.) the overall sound is still a little on the unpolished side (not necessarily in a bad way), but this band's got mountains of potential. i just hope they actually use it in the future.
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