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kayla is angry.

need angry music? here's your angry. all different sorts of angry, to boot.
[gasp, i think this is the first mixed post i've done with a theme.]
originally i thought of doing a seven deadly sins theme, but i'd be rather fucked on a few of the sins. so, here is wrath. all by itself. and enough wrath for everyone! also, totally NSFW. which makes everything BETTER.

>16 volt - uplift -> here.
>combichrist - lying sack of shit -> here.
>fractured - killing time, inc. -> here.
>gary numan - dead heaven -> here. [i realise this isn't angry to some, but try playing it after the jehova's witnesses come to your door.]
>genitorturers - lecher bitch -> here.
>kmfdm - a drug against war -> here.
>marily manson - 1996 -> here. [perfect for when you want people to leave you the fuck alone.]
>mindless self indulgence - bring the pain -> here.
>nine inch nails - you know what you are? -> here.
>razed in black - better off -> here.
>skindred - world domination -> here. [see: marilyn manson description.]
>velvet acid christ - phucking phreak -> here.
>wumpscut - bunkertor 7 (second movement) [bunker gate seven] -> here.

please comment if you take anything. and fuck you if you want under a cut, it's not that long. HA HA, ANGER MANAGEMENT.
Tags: angry desu ne, fuck you music, kayla's music, mixed
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