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i was going to put up a bunch of random german music, but LAZY. so instead i will upload tokyo jihen's second album, 大人. or otona. or adult. YOU DECIDE!
(in the end, this probably ended up more work. i had to translate titles! and find shiina's translations! and romanize shit! it was TRAGIC.)

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all tracks ripped with itunes as 128 kbps .mp3s
01 秘密 [a secret] [3.6 mb]
02 喧嘩上等 [active fighting; first-class (drunken) brawl] [2.3 mb]
03 化粧直し [powder up my mind; adjusting (one's) makeup] [4.7 mb]
04 スーパースター [super star] [4.2 mb]
05 修羅場 (adult ver.) [the rat's-nest; scene of bloodshed] [4.4 mb]
BONUS!: the pv for the single version of the song
06 雪国 [niigata*; snow country] [4.0 mb]
07 歌舞伎 [the kabuki] [1.9 mb]
08 ブラックアウト [black out] [3.9 mb]
09 黄昏泣き [don't cry my child; twilight lament] [3.3 mb]
10 透明人間 [unvisible man; invisible man] (wtf shiina?) [2.3 mb]
11 手紙 [a mail; letter] [5.0 mb]

*niigata is a japanese prefecture.

I THOUGHT YOU HATED TOKYO JIHEN! you say. well, i never hated them, but i did.. disagree with a lot of their first album. but i suppose there was a reason that album was entitled practice.
with their second album, tokyo jihen seems to have gotten things much more together. there's less noise-for-the-sake-of-making-noise on this album (as in.. none, really), and more of the gloriously pretentious artsy goodness i've come to know and love from shiina ringo's solo days.

and speaking of shiina's gloriously pretentious artsy goodness, she's graciously provided the world with her own translations of the song titles. these are the ones listed first, with the literal translations in italics (when they differ enough).
romanizations aren't listed because the filenames themselves are romanized.

recommended: himitsu, shuuraba (!!!), blackout. but the whole album is pretty good.
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